CCB® Products

CCB® Sleeve

The CCB® Sleeve is inserted into the end of an internally coated pipeline. A second internally coated pipe is then slipped over the protruding half of the CCB® Sleeve so that both ends of the pipes touch the CCB® weld nubs. The fitting weld numbs ensure proper spacing for the final welding process.

The CCB® Sleeve installation is completed with a simple welding procedure that will provide a 100% internally coated pipe. The CCB® Sleeve is the most simplistic and efficient method to provide full corrosion protection for all internally coated pipeline systems.

CCB® Sleeve For Cement and Mortar Lined Pipe

The CCB® Sleeve can be manufactured to provide weld area protection for cement and mortar lined pipelines. The CCB® Sleeve is manufactured to the same thickness of the pipe lining. The result is a pipeline that does not have an I.D. restriction and has eliminated the traditional damage and loss of material durability caused by extreme heat introduced by a hydraulic set.

The CCB® cement sleeve offers the same weld area protection as the standard CCB® Sleeve installed in thin film coating pipelines. The cement CCB® Sleeve uses a multiple o-ring system and removable spacer nubs to ensure proper weld area spacing.

Unlike the tapered ends of the standard CCB® Sleeve, the cement sleeve designed for mortar lined pipes is squared on the ends. The pipeline mortar is blanked off two inches from the end of the pipleine. CCB International employs a two-part Propoxy to fill the space and fill irregularities between the pipe mortar lining and the end of the CCB® Sleeve.

Stainless Steel CCB® Sleeve For Prevention of Stress Corrosion Cracking

The CCB® Sleeve and weld band can be manufactured from stainless steel tubing using the same materials as the destination pipeline. Using the same pipeline materials eliminates the traditional problems caused by welding dissimilar metals. Additionally, the Stainless Steel CCB® Sleeve reduces potential stress corrosion cracking in the weld area.

Standard weld procedures for the specific grade of stainless steel pipeline may be used to weld the Stainless Steel CCB® Sleeve into place. Specific o-rings are selected to provide the best long-term performance for the individual pipeline application.